Inside the Koch Brothers' Industrial Empire

6 Nov 2015

Koch, Beatrice, technology,

This is an adventure story.

It is an expedition into the heart of a huge and uniquely American industrial enterprise, its sweeping operations and its complex daily mechanics. It is also a rare exploration of what lies beneath and empowers the broad social influence of its owners, David and Charles Koch, the business and political titans who have helped reshape American politics.

People who don't agree with the Koch brothers see them as pernicious, because their views are often extreme and because they have so much money with which to try to further those views. People who agree with them see them as saviors for the same reasons. Both groups care because of the Kochs' enormous fortune, which is estimated to be $100 billion. But few outside business circles know where that fortune comes from or how pervasive their company's industrial influence is on our everyday lives. 

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