Exciting New Business Next to Sheldon Station

30 Jul 2015

New Business, Sheldon Station, Monolith Materials

There’s a great deal of curiosity about what we’re working on and the next new key employer that may be coming to our area. It seems there are always possibilities in the works as we answer inquiries received from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development or when one of our economic development partners passes a referral to us.  It was exciting news to learn that the Monolith Materials plans were finalized earlier this year. The Monolith plant will be built just a couple miles outside of Gage County near Hallam and the NPPD Sheldon Station. This is a joint partnership with Nebraska Public Power and Norris Public Power.  It will bring positive economic impacts to our area.  I had a chance last fall to meet one of their company reps as he was getting acquainted with our State and area.  We visited and explained that this is a great place to live and work, and encouraged their company’s expansion here. It takes a team of folks to get deals like this done and we congratulate everyone that helped make this happen.   Lincoln Journal News Article about the project.