NGage Objectives

30 Jul 2015

NGage, Objectives,

During 2015, NGage operates with six primary strategic objectives including:

  1. Business Retention and Expansion – NGage works to maintain and enhance efforts to retain and expand existing businesses in Gage County, resulting in increased employment and household incomes in Gage County. 
  2. New Business Attraction – Utilizing identified targeted industries, NGage works with community leaders and economic development partners to market and attract companies to the County that are a fit for this area. 
  3. Entrepreneurship / Small Business Growth – NGage assists small business start-ups and those looking to expand and/or transfer ownership.  Small business investment growth and additional jobs is foundational to a local rural economy. 
  4. People Attraction and Skilled Workforce Availability – NGage helps to grow available workforce through people attraction and workforce development strategies. 
  5. NGage Marketing and Communications to Stakeholders
  6. Grow Membership and Investment in NGage