Small-town retailers pack a big punch

29 Jun 2015

Here’s some good news for Main Street USA. A recent survey ( determined that fully 93 percent of Americans believe it’s important to support local small businesses, and 90 percent of them do just that. That helps the entire economy—since consumer spending is one of its primary drivers.

It’s also good news for anyone thinking about opening a retail operation in rural America. Here in Beatrice/Gage County, Nebraska, people understand that when you shop locally, you lift the local economy. The Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce has a shop local campaign and pledge program in place.  

NGage provides assistance to new and growing small businesses in the Gage County, Nebraska area.  Congratulations to Orange Owl Painting Studio (OOPS), Wrenchman, Pallet Pieces, and Justin's Neighborhood Meats in launching their businesses recently.  We're glad that we could provide information and resources when called upon. 

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