Is college worth it?

1 Jun 2015

With higher education tuition rising at exponential rates, many young people are questioning whether the cost is worth the outcome. If you want a successful income, the answer is a decisive yes. New data from the Economic Policy Institute (read about it here: shows that those with college degrees earn more than those without.  It's not clear whether the earnings difference from a two-year program of study at a community college or a bachelor's degree were greater in a 2014 Wall Street Journal article

Overall, there's a pretty strong endorsement for higher education.  Keep in mind however, that in Nebraska, production workers and those with technical skills are needed just about everywhere.   Work and opportunities are available!   Local companies are hiring students right out of high school. 

Here in Beatrice /Gage County, Nebraska, young people of college age or just beyond are discovering that educational opportunities are plentiful and can make a real difference.  Southeast Community College is a great area educational and training asset, with one campus in Beatrice and two others nearby in Lincoln and Milford with 50 programs of study.  There are seven  colleges just to the north of Gage County, including the University of Nebraska, Lincoln campus.