Are we in the “Foodie” era?

23 Mar 2015

American’s are changing the way we think about food. The days of Wonder bread and bologna are giving way to new experiments with quinoa and boutique charcuterie. The change can be traced to a number of factors: The internet helps spread information (and products) faster; and growing concerns about both their health and the environment lead many consumers to care more about the source of their food.


Whatever the cause, the change is having an impact on rural America, too. Just a decade ago, food options in small towns were limited, usually, to an ice cream stand and a local diner. Today, here in Gage County, Nebraska, fine dining is a matter of course (or several courses). In the town of Beatrice, we easily support some great restaurants with other good eating establishments in smaller communities, like Legends in Clatonia.  Learn more about our communities here: