NGage Requesting Proposals for Housing Study

NGage Requesting Proposals for Housing Study Main Photo

3 Feb 2015

Housing Study, NGage

Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage) is seeking professional services for the development of a Community Housing Study for the City of Beatrice and Gage County to help create a vision to guide community planning, economic development and investment, and decision making for the next several years.

This study will help:

  • Create a Housing Vision for all of Gage County, including communities of Beatrice, Wymore, Blue Springs, Odell, Adams, Cortland, Clatonia, Pickrell, Filley, Barneston, Liberty and Virginia.
  • Identify the current housing available in the Gage County communities;
  • Develop an action plan with benchmarks and measurable goals that will enable NGage and community leaders to appropriately address local housing challenges and opportunities; and
  • Promote economic development and improve community character.

NGage requests proposals from qualified and experienced consultants or organizations that provide this service in Nebraska by February 26, 2015. 

Beatrice and Gage County, Nebraska communities have established the following general tasks to serve as a guide for RFP development. The consultant is encouraged to suggest creative and innovative additions or modifications to these components.

  • Population, economic dynamics, and housing in Gage County: This will include population history and trends, history of demand for housing, composition of major employers, types of housing stock, affordability/occupancy/vacancy analysis, housing conditions and costs, and special population housing demands.
  • Development / Redevelopment: Identify future locations for new residential development, as well as identify prime residential redevelopment / infill areas.
  • Assessment of the housing demand potential and identify housing development areas (sites): This will address and identify priority housing opportunities.
  • Assessment of the demand, resources, challenges and opportunities by types and prices of housing: This should identify the demand by groups, types, and price categories of housing.
  • Implementation: Realistic action plan or program that provides a framework to carry out the recommendations and identifies realistic funding sources to help implement the programs and/or construction projects identified in Study.
  • Report and presentations to NGage, City of Beatrice, and Gage County Board of Supervisors:  The completed report shall be presented to the NGage Board of Directors and representatives of the City of Beatrice and Gage County Board of Supervisors. 
  • Public Participation: Outline Public Participation Plan.