NGage Working to Promote Growth

22 Aug 2014

NGage Executive Director, strategic plan

It’s an honor to have stepped into the executive director position this spring with Gage Area Growth Enterprise, a.k.a. NGage.

NGage is the economic development organization created to serve Beatrice and Gage County. Its general mission is to support effective use of resources in promoting economic growth.

As a Gage County native, the opportunity to serve local businesses /industry and individuals that have an interest in starting, growing and/or supporting businesses is fantastic.

Through my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the development of businesses all across Nebraska, but nothing can beat focusing my time and effort here now. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes the interest and support of many to create opportunities here for residents and businesses. Being collaborative and positive is the attitude that I believe will serve us best.

There were seven strategic activities outlined by the NGage board as it was started two years ago. Noted here are just a couple of recent actions or current activities that relate to NGage’s list of strategic activities. While the list of ongoing activities is long and grows every day, noted are a couple of relevant activities to give you an example of what NGage is doing.   Read more -