NGage Selects Local Professional as NGage Executive Director

4 Apr 2014

Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage) is pleased to announce the hiring of Glennis McClure, a native of Gage County as its Executive Director, following the vacancy left open after the departure of Bill Demuth in the fall of 2013. Smart Solutions, an economic development consulting firm from Des Moines, helped with the new director search. There was a large pool of qualified applicants that applied for the Executive Director position. The interview process was very diligent and included a written proposal, an oral presentation with the use of multi-media, an interview with community leaders, and three interviews with the NGage Board of Directors.

McClure will plan to transition from her current duties as Nebraska Enterprise Fund Vice President over the next few weeks and officially begin her duties with NGage on April 21. McClure was part of the original NGage board that began organizing in November of 2011, serving as initial secretary of the group and then continuing on the executive committee as treasurer until her resignation from the board in December.

“Serving as the NGage executive director will allow me to directly serve Beatrice and Gage County businesses and communities, while utilizing my extensive background and connections in the economic development field. I’ve assisted countless businesses in Nebraska that were either just starting up or looking at ways to grow. Rather than focus on businesses in other parts of the State, I’m looking forward to directing my energy on work here in Gage County. ” McClure said.

McClure is a lifelong native of Gage County, growing up on a rural Wymore farm and now a farm business partner with her husband Ed and family west of Blue Springs. McClure brings a wealth of business development and professional experience to the position. She has held positions with Southeast Community College, teaching in the agribusiness program and directing a program called Tech Prep, where businesses and manufacturers had input in educational programming that encouraged students to consider the technical trades. McClure served as a Women’s Business Center director, co-director of the REAP program, and most recently as vice president of the Nebraska Enterprise Fund. A two year appointment as Senior Community Affairs Advisor for the Kansas City Federal Reserve – Omaha branch, provided a broad base of experience working in all aspects of community and economic development across the Fed’s Tenth District including Nebraska. She has been a member of the Nebraska Economic Developers Association for about ten years and has attended conferences and trainings on various aspects of community and economic development work, including business transition, retention programming, business plan development and training, grant writing and program leadership.

“My interest and knowledge of all types of businesses, including the agriculture industry, should be a huge asset as we work to encourage business start-ups, expansions and new businesses in this area. I’m interested in the work of NGage because its strategic plan is focused on all aspects of positive economic development. I believe the organization’s name is very fitting, as it has been my hope that we reach out and “NGage” people to “make connections” that can significantly impact economic growth here,” she said.

Andrea Schafer, NGage President said, “The NGage Board of Directors is extremely excited to hire Glennis McClure for the NGage Executive Director position. Glennis rose to the top during the rigorous interview process we went through and we firmly believe that with her strong leadership skills and vast background, NGage will succeed at achieving our strategic goals. Glennis is fully vested in Gage County and she has a strong desire to see our County move forward in the future.”


Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage) is the economic development organization that serves Gage County. NGage strives to work with all Gage County communities in assisting with business retention efforts, growing local businesses and start-ups, increasing and improving a skilled workforce, as well as attracting new businesses to the area. 402.228.5869