Nebraska Ranks Among Best in USA for Jobs in 4th Quarter

16 Sep 2013

Article By Nebraska Radio Network   |   Matt Kelley


A survey predicts Nebraska will be one of the nation’s best states for job growth in the final months of 2013.

Karen Miller, spokeswoman for Manpower Incorporated, says their survey of employers in Nebraska finds only seven-percent of them plan to make cuts in staff between October and December.

Miller says 21% of employers surveyed said they’d be adding to their staffs in the quarter ahead while a solid 69% said they won’t be changing staffing at all, bringing a net employment outlook of 14%, which she calls “really, really positive.”

That outlook for Nebraska is the second-best in the nation, behind Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina, which are all tied at the top with a 15% employment outlook.

Miller says many employers across the country are backing away from expansion plans as the year draws to a close. Even in Nebraska, the predictions for the fourth quarter are down compared to last year.

“At the this point right now, I think it’s just kind of indicator as to what’s happening in the economy and understanding what might be happening with health care,” Miller says. “We see a lot of employers being a bit more conservative in their approach and their staffing plans.”

The Manpower report claims the “best states for jobs” include Nebraska, Maryland, Idaho, Florida, Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina.