Nebraska boring, flat? Copter's HD footage shows state's diverse landscapes, attractions

8 Aug 2013

By David Hendee  |  World-Herald Bureau

LINCOLN — Nebraska. Flyover state.

The pejorative image of Nebraska as one of the interior states best seen from 30,000 feet in the air by transcontinental flights is about to be brought down (closer) to earth.

The early results of using a low-flying and hovering helicopter to capture high-definition aerial footage of the state's diverse landscapes, monuments, people and attractions are available for viewing on YouTube.

Among the dozens of scenes are an airboat on the Platte River, St. Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha, re-enactors at Fort Atkinson State Historical Park, cowboys and golfers in the Sand Hills, small towns, farms, boaters on reservoirs and paddlers on rivers and more.

The footage was shot July 3-10 by Skyworks, a London-based aerial filming specialist. Skyworks has produced footage for the Discovery Channel, the National Geographic Channel and the British Broadcasting Corp.

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