Never Too Early to Start

26 May 2013

Published Sunday, May 26, 2013 2:59 am  |  by Doug Kennedy, KWBE


Beatrice financial institutions will be teaming up with Beatrice Public Schools this coming year, to offer a Bank in Schools program.

It’s a way for kindergarten through 5th grade students to receive some early instruction about financial responsibility, through opening up a bank account and making deposits to it.  Students will earn prizes for every fifth deposit they make.

BPS Curriculum Director Jackie Nielsen says students will be able to open an account at their school with as little as one penny.  When they do so, financial institutions participating will provide a five-dollar voucher into each student’s savings account.   Nielsen says it’s a way to help build financial responsibility and awareness in young school children. 

Each bank will pay their normal interest rates for the student accounts and the bank at each school participating will be open, 30 minutes just prior to the start of the school day.  Banks will assist students and parent in opening their account.

All times begin 30 minutes before classes start.

MembersOwn Credit Union: Cedar Elementary, Tuesday

Pinnacle Bank: St. Paul Lutheran School, Tuesday

First National Omaha: Lincoln Elementary, Wednesday

Great Western Bank: St. Joseph Catholic School, Wednesday

Security First Bank: Paddock Lane, Friday

Pinnacle Bank: Stoddard Elementary, Friday