Gage County: An International Hub

Beatrice and Gage County is home to numerous international corporations. Though Beatrice is home to 12,500 people, the presence of multinational corporations has made Gage County a center for international trade in Nebraska and the midwestern United States. Korean, Chinese, Canadian, and Dutch companies all call Beatrice home, creating an ecosystem that is both supportive and inclusive of international companies.

Business Advantages to Locating in Gage County

International corporations have discovered numerous benefits to locating in Gage County, including:


#1 Access to New Markets

Located in the middle of the country, Gage County provides quick access to U.S. markets for corporations looking to grow or reach consumers faster. Canadian companies, for example, find that it is easier to expand their reach by opening a new location across the border in Nebraska.


#2 Low Cost of Doing Business

Beatrice boasts of a low cost of doing business with lease rates below the national average and affordable utility cost.


#3 Available Incentives

Tax and other incentives may be available from the state and local government.


#4 Labor

Beatrice companies can pull from several counties when recruiting. While Beatrice is home to high-quality talent, the ability to pull from adjacent counties makes it even easier to fill positions.