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Rural Development Advantage

Category: State Incentives

Rural Development Advantage
The Rural Development Advantage amends the Employment Expansion and Investment Incentive Act (formerly LB 608 passed in 2003). It provides qualified businesses with refundable tax incentives for projects that create two new jobs and investment of $125,000 in counties with less than 15,000 residents, villages with populations between 100 and 800 or selected redevelopment areas. Tele-workers count as new employees. In addition, the $250,000-investment and five-job thresholds remain in place for counties with populations 15,000 to 25,000, second class cities with populations between 801 and 5,000 or selected redevelopment areas. Qualified businesses include:


  • -Livestock Production
  • -Research and Development
  • -Scientific Testing
  • -Data Processing
  • -Telecommunications
  • -Insurance and Financial Services
  • -Manufacturing
  • -Transportation/Warehousing
  • -Headquarters (administrative)