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Nebraska Advantage

Category: State Incentives

The Nebraska Advantage Package is Nebraska’s comprehensive economic development incentives that meet the needs of an expanding or relocating business. Any business activity other than retail qualifies.


Highlights of Nebraska Advantage include the following:


  • -Tax credits and sales tax refunds based on flexible, six-tier investment and job creation schedule. 
  • -Tax credits to reduce or eliminate payroll withholding, sales, property and income tax liabilities. 
  • -Companies have five to seven years to attain required job- and investment-creation levels and can utilize credits against the various tax liabilities for up to 15 years.
  • -Qualifying business categories include:  manufacturing, customer care/call centers, data centers and telecommunications, software development, headquarter (administrative operations), data processing, web portals, insurance, financial services, research and development, satellite ground services, exportable services, warehousing and distribution. 

Businesses locating and investing at least $250,000 and 5 new jobs or more in Beatrice /Gage County would qualify at a minimum for Level Two of Nebraska Rural Advantage.