Businesses Opportunities in Gage County

Are you interested in purchasing an established business?  Around Beatrice and Gage County several existing business owners have indicated a desire to pursue other opportunities or retire in the next several years.  While the owners seek other opportunities or are considering retirement, all of the businesses are successful enterprises looking for a new owner.

If you have an interest in becoming an owner of an area business, details about available opportunities can be found here.  While some business owners choose to openly publicize the availability of their enterprise, some will not.  If you are interested in another type of business, contact Walker Zulkoski at 402-228-5869 or at and a confidential meeting can be arranged.   

If you are looking at starting a business, call on NGage. Our small business resources flyer may also be of assistance. You can view available properties and sites in Gage County that are for sale or lease on our website too.