Walker Zulkoski
Executive Director

Executive Managers

Likes: His wife and two boys, one of his two dogs (depends on the day), economic development, rural Nebraska, hunting, fishing, golfing.   Dislikes: Peas, haters. 

Glennis McClure
Senior Development Coordinator

Economic Development

Everyone knows Glennis.  Literally.  Everyone. That is because she is the first to lend a helping hand no matter your project or cause.  For NGage, she's the creative, money finding, gap filling, small biz helper.  

Kyle Murray

Support Staff

Kyle is a returning All American golfer at Southeast Community College in Beatrice.  When he's not golfing, in class, or working part-time for Diode Communications (NGage Investor) or Beatrice Country Club, he spends his time at NGage making Walker and Glennis hipper (more hip?). 

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