City of Beatrice

beatrice signThe City of Beatrice is the center of Gage County with a population 12,496. In addition to Gage County population of 21,806, the community draws from a nine-county adjacent area with available labor force of 214,646. This labor force figure is significant since Lincoln is just 35 miles to the north of Beatrice. With a solid base of manufacturers present and manufacturing history in the community, this is an excellent pool of experience to draw from.

Roads connecting to Beatrice and the Gage County Industrial Park site are excellent. Interstate 80 is just 39 miles to the north of Beatrice on Highway 77 which is a four lane expressway. Beatrice and Gage County is the center of the country with overall excellent here or connections. 

Beatrice offers local incentives for businesses that have an interest in moving or growing here. Direct loans or grants are available to qualifying businesses thru the Local Option Municipal Act fund and Community Development Block Grant funds. The county implemented a new fund to be used as needed for businesses interested in this area and tax increment financing is available for improvements. 

The Beatrice area community has good quality of living amenities including an excellent school system, ample recreation venues and activities, including hiking and biking trails, theaters, good medical care and a new state of the art hospital, historical sites and attractions, community celebrations, and many churches. The area is rich in culture and history, as it is the home of the Homestead National Monument. 

Recent and significant local investments include the following:

  • A new Beatrice Community Hospital with a $7.2M clinical services expansion
  • A new sports complex near the Beatrice High School facility.    
  • Recent improvements nearly complete to enhance the Beatrice Public Library facility. 
  • Restoration in 2012 of the Historic Carnegie Building (housing NGage, the Chamber, and Gage County Tourism offices). 
  • Renovation and restoration of the Gage County Courthouse. 
  • A two-phase dowtown revitalization project including street paving, sidewalks, concrete planters and historial lighting along 5th Street. 

The city of Beatrice’s website is located here.

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